Different opening hours Hotel Restaurant Bazar
Hotel Bazar

Different opening hours Hotel Restaurant Bazar

Due to new government measures our opening hours will change starting November 28th.

Monday to Saturday the restaurant is open from 08.00 to 17.00, on Sunday from 09.00-17.00. 

Monday to Saturday the hotel reception is open from 08.00-17.00, on Sunday from 09.00-17.00.


We do not take reservations in advance at the moment.



Restaurant Bazar

In our restaurant you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, originating in different countries from the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean. 

At Bazar you can have a cozy breakfast with friends, lunch with your family, but also have a group dinner with your colleagues or have brunch with your grandmother.

All our meat is halal.

We only take reservations by phone, not by e-mail. If you would like more information on making a reservation for a group, please click on groups.